we just lie awake in lust, and rust in the rain (pinkx_tearz) wrote in hott_n_spicy,
we just lie awake in lust, and rust in the rain

Am I hott and spicy?

Post the general stuff.

02.Age 14
03.Location Phoenix, AZ
03.What you like and dislike.Likes: Guitar, my digital camera, my cell phone, being with my friends, visiting NY (where I used to live), concerts, soft blankets, coffee, and those squishy pillows.
Dislikes: Posers, Liars, cheaters, school, divorce, messiness, unorganized people, disresepctful and rude people.
04.What you do for fun? Mostly I go to this really popular spot outside of Phoenix called Desert Ridge. Basically it's just a big mall where bands play and whatnot, most of the time you don't go there to shop, just chill and stuff. I also like to play the guitar, and there's a whole bunch of teen clubs that are a lot of fun. There's also parties always happening around here. I haven't gone to one yet, but I will soon enough, tanning, writing, taking pictures, running, occasional shopping, and playing soccer.
05.Who did you promote hott_n_spicy to? No one. I just found this community in a friend's journal.
06.What are your favorite movies? Empire Records, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Cruel Intentions, Moulin Rouge, Tommy Boy, Napoleon Dynamite, and pretty much all horror movies. I especially like the older horror movies.
07.Who are your favorite bands/singers? Taking Back Sunday, Something Corporate, Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand, Marcy Playground, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Hawthorne Heights, The Beatles, Dave Matthes Band, ac/dc, quiet riot, creed, the white stripes, foreigner, a little bit of country, and some jazz and ohh soo many more.
08.How did you find this community? from a friend's journal =)

I'm on the left

I'm on the right

I hate that picture but I only have a few

And laastly me with my friend jimmy!

Thankss =)
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